College Essay

EDS helps students break down the writing process and master strategies to make them stronger writers. Whether help on argumentative essays, creative writing assignments, or college essays, EDS is here to help! 
College Essay Preparation

EDS can help you with the College Essay process in a one-on-one setting! See below the description of the tasks.

The College Essay Package of $425 includes one 2 hour session for developing topics for the college essay and 3 private sessions  Students need to be committed to spend this time on the essay writing process for best results. If additional sessions are necessary to finish the project, sessions will be billed at $120 per hour.

College Essay Drafting Format



  • EDS is familiar with the prompts 

  • EDS knows how to make you stand out from the rest 

  • EDS helps you find YOUR voice


Topic 1: Prompt Review & Discovering Your Values. We will review each Common App prompt so the students are aware of the questions being asked & what colleges are looking for. Then, we will engage in partner activities that help students discover what values encompass who they are. These values will become the focal topic surrounding their essays. 

Topic 2: Discovering Your Values & Brainstorming Topics. Students will participate in activities with a partner that help them discover what values are most important to them. Then, using these values, students will brainstorm personal stories that could serve as a platform for these values to shine through. 

Topic 3: Brainstorming Topics, Structuring, & Simple Outlining. Students will brainstorm personal stories that highlight the values they want colleges to recognize. Then, we will review different essay structures. Students will pick the structure that works best for their topic/story & begin forming a skeletal outline that highlights their key points.



Topic 4: Outlining & Drafting. Students will form a skeletal outline that highlights their key points. Then, they will expand the simple outline to elaborate on their key points. This will form the skeleton of each paragraph in their essay and become their initial rough draft.

Topic 5: Drafting, Editing, & Peer Review. Students will form their initial draft by expanding on the key points in their outline. Then, we will discuss how to edit an essay, how to offer constructive criticism, & how to apply that feedback to improve your essay. We will engage in a peer review activity in which they will swap essays and and give suggestions. 

Topic 6: Editing, Instructor Review, & Final Drafts. We will review how to make global & local edits, how to give feedback, & how to use that feedback to improve your essay. Students will have a chance to conference with the tutor & get final suggestions from peers. Then, students will put the finishing touches on their final product.