EDS has a successful history of working with students based on their strengths and weaknesses. EDS strategies are repeatedly proven to improve scores.  EDS analyzes test results to devise a plan that best suits the students. Is the student visual or auditory? The design of group sessions meets the needs of all learners. Various strategies are presented so that students have options to best improve their scores. Individual sessions hone in on the student's particular learning style but also introduces various methods of improving their scores. EDS customizes the prep whether in the group or individually. Please review the information on this page for group and individual sessions, registration information and learning disability accommodations. 


SAT Dates for 2021-22
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Dec 4
Mar 13
May 7
June 4

ACT Dates for 2021-22
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Dec 11
Feb 12
April 2
June 11
July 16

Learning Disabilities/Accommodations  

     Any student with a diagnosed and documented learning disability may be entitled​​ to accommodations for these tests. Forms are available on the respective websites and must be completed and submitted in coordination with the student's counselor.

  See your Guidance Counselor before registering for the test and before registering for a class or sessions.

  • SAT - wait for school counselor to file for accommodations before registering for the test

  • ACT - register then arrange accommodations with school counselor.

Proctored and Scored Practice Tests with EDS

Take a practice test at EDS and received a consultation regarding the scores for $75 (3-4 hours). Practice tests are generally administered on Sundays from 1:00-4:00 PM..
Extended time practice also available.
.Contact EDS for arrangements.. 
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Group Options
  • EDS holds group sessions 5 weeks before each test starting with a practice test which will be usesd as materials for the first session. Practice test is mandatory. The group meets for 4 3-hr sessions prior to
  • Register for either ACT or SAT then register for a group with EDS - see schedule on bookings page. . 
  • Sessions meet on Sundays from 1-4 pm(unless noted otherwise due to holidays)
  • During the 4 subsequent sessions, ALL areas of the tests - Reading, Writing, Math and Essay (and Science for ACT) - will be reviewed.  
  • Attendance in all sessions for a particular group is advised in order to receive the full instruction on all areas of the tests. We advise attending all 4 group sessions before the first test then 1-4 sessions prior to subsequent tests.  Each group has a 4 student minimum and 15 student maximum.
  • Pricing: $800 for either SAT or ACT prep group, or $1,400 for both.
  • Group package includes unlimited attendance in future group sessions for the designated test for the duration of your student's testing. 
  • Our goal is that your student achieve at a minimum Bright Futures score requirements for the Class of 2022 (1210 and 1330 for SAT and 25 or 29 for ACT).
Individual Options
Contact EDS to schedule. 
  • EDS offers private reserved sessions customized to your schedule.
  • The same materials as the group are used for private sessions. 
  • Pricing: $100 per hour/ $140 for 2..  
  • Minimum of 8 sessions 4 in Reading/Writing and 4 in Math to project improvement.