EDS specializes in interventions for children and adults with dyslexia using Orton Gillingham methods of intervention. 

Why EDS for Reading Intervention?


From word attack to comprehension, EDS can give your child the tools to be successful.


Reading intervention strategies must be research-based, explicit, intensive and repetitive. 


Explicit, researched-based programs used include Lindamood Bell Learning Programs (LiPS, Seeing Stars and Visualizing and Verbalizing), Wilson Language,

Really Great Reading, Read Naturally, and Great Leaps.  


EDS is not a center for any one program. 


Below are activities for the explicit syllable types presented in these interventions. 

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Assessment of Reading

An evaluation by an educational psychologist is preferred. However, if  there is no prior assessment, EDS will assess to determine area of deficiency in reading whether phonemic awareness, accuracy, rate of comprehension.. 


Individual Tutoring

 2 sessions per week

$85 per 1-hour session


Phonemic Fun

We are always adding new activities.

Please check back often.

Closed Syllable          Vowel Consonant Silent E        Open Syllable
CCVC Activity
R controlled                Final Stable                 Vowel Pairs