Tutoring for Academic Writing

Did you know that 73% of employers want employees with strong writing skills, and 75% of employers seek out employees who received a stronger focus on writing in college?

Writing is an extremely important skill in today's world, and it is crucial that students become strong writers before entering the business world. However, many students struggle with the writing process in high school, and they become even more frustrated with their writing skills in college. But, don't worry! EDS is here to help!

Let's face it. Students are known procrastinators and tend to struggle with planning (especially in today's generation). So, in order to make writing tutoring more accessible and available for students, EDS has different options so that students can work how they like to work. We can do video conferencing to help students get started on their essays and talk through the structure; we offer quick edits through GoogleDocs to give students 2-3 important things students can do to improve their essay; and, in-person sessions are also available for detailed reviews, edits, and feedback on essays.

A lot of the reasons students struggle with writing is because they don't know how to start. So, let EDS guide and instruct you throughout the writing process from start to finish! We can help students improve their essays, grades, and overall writing skills to better prepare them for college and beyond!

Contact EDS to schedule writing tutoring!

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