The Goal of Reaching Eagle Scout

Congratulations to our student, Reedy, for completing his Eagle Scout project last weekend! Reedy and members of Troop 2 constructed a new fence around the Pitching Machine Field at NOL that will provide extra safety for the younger kids and families from the cars driving down the street next to them. EDS is proud of him for completing such an awesome project and reaching his goal of Eagle Scout!

Achieving Eagle Scout is a huge honor. It takes many years of hard work, determination, and leadership. Colleges especially consider Eagle Scout in high regards, as it demonstrates positive qualities that they seek out in students. We always encourage to stick with any activity, club, or sport all the way through high school, as colleges like to see consistency, growth, and involvement.

Congrats again to Reedy for not giving up and making it all the way to the top! EDS is excited to see what's in store for you in the future!

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