Help for ADHD or Autism

Updated: May 20, 2020

Are you frustrated? The best way to work with your student/ child is to understand them. Asking them to do something they cannot do will only frustrate them and you. Then the relationship breaks down.

Step 1 - What is hard for the student?

Staying on task? Wondering what comes next? Clock watcher?

Suggestion: Create a template of expectations.

For Example, here is a lesson plan that I use with one of my students (not John)

JOHN’s Reading Lesson Plan 2/4 and 6/2020

1. Review Vowel Circle - 5 minutes

2. Read R words - 5 min

3. Spell R words - 5 min

4. Patiently write 5 sentences - 10

5. New Material - Open syllable words - 10 min

6. Read 20 Words - 10 real, 10 nonsense - 10 min

7. Read Story and answer questions - 10 min

8. Horse Game - remainder of time - 5 min

Reading at home?

Suggestion: Instead of reading for 30 minutes, set a goal of 4 pages. If they are a clock watcher, remove the clock or the time aspect. Change the goal from time to pages.

Attention in the classroom (and at home because practice makes perfect.)

Suggestion: Index card of reminders (laminate, colored, etc something fun)

1. Eyes on teacher

2. ORALLY Repeat steps of task (First I need to..., Second I need to ..., Third I need to ...)

3. Breathe deep and think before asking questions. Can you say impulsive?

4. Be task oriented, not time oriented.

Do you have other suggestions or great articles? Please post.

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