EDS Policy regarding #Covid-19

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Dear Valued EDS Customers,

As of June 2020, EDS operates online and well as distancing at our office. Tutoring/Intervention online is up and running. In fact we are rather full, but the schedules change frequently so do not hesitate to contact us. Our offices offer social distancing due to the separate rooms.

March 2020

With the threat of Corona Virus coming to Jacksonville, EDS will implement the following policy and procedures.

  1. If tutors, clients or family members are feeling ill, they should stay home. Remember that symptoms have been negligible among teens, but they can still carry germs. So if parents or students or siblings are feeling ill, they and their child should cancel appointments. There will not be a penalty for such cancellations. (But please let me know as soon as possible)

  2. As an alternative, we can meet students online through ZOOM. You would download ZOOM and Eds can setup a meeting. The screen can be shared for math calculations or notes. Zoom has been a popular online platform for years.

  3. EDS has been deep cleaned and we will continue to clean regularly daily and each week.  Tutors, students and all visitors should wash their hands when they enter and as they leave. Hand sanitizer and boxes of tissues are available for every room. If a person sneezes, it is advised for them to wash their hands.

  4. We do not want to make this event more stressful than it already is but we also want to continue the interventions with the students for their benefit.  If they want to come in you'll welcome them, but we are also offering virtual meetings.

Thank you for inquiring and let's pray this goes away.

Nancy Barnard

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