Meet the Team

Nancy Bramlett Barnard

Nancy has owned EDS since 2000. EDS is a local business started by her mother, Erin Bramlett. Nancy is passionate about helping students find success. While Nancy loves math, her strength is as an interventionist for dyslexic students.  She combines the strengths of Orton-Gillingham programs such as Wilson Language and Really Great Reading and Lindamood Bell Learning Programs.  EDS is not a center for any of these.  Nancy can help formulate 504 / IEP documentation and advocate for students.. 

She is a member of the International Dyslexia Association, IDA, Independent Educational Consultant Association, IECA and is an ACE Educator with the ACT.. Nancy served for many years at Ortega United Methodist Church in the church operations as well its youth program.  She currently is on the Board of The Rotary Club of Jacksonville and the DePaul School of Northeast Florida. EDS supports The Sanctuary on 8th Street and Angels for Allison.  

Nancy's philosophy is Reaching New Heights.  She knows the struggles students endure and strives to help them reach new heights on their path to success.  Nancy and her husband, John, raised three children who attended public school for most of their education. Over her years with EDS, she has seen hundreds of students from most schools in the Jacksonville and surrounding area.  Each student presents unique and individual needs on their path to success.  
Elaine Lundahl
High School English Tutor

Before working for EDS, Elaine taught high school English teacher for 40 years. She is a master reading and writing tutor for the SAT & ACT boasting impressive results.  She assists with college essays by bringing out the voice of the student.  She loves to read and offers superior support for reading intervention in comprehension. Elaine likes to travel with her husband, Dave.
Cindy Fitch
Elementary Math Tutor

Cindy is a career math teacher in Duval County and was awarded the Gladys Prior.  She knows every tool for learning math facts. She can make fractions, decimals and percentages fun! A few visits with Cindy and your student will love math!
Kathy Feierstein
High School Math Tutor
Before working for EDS, Kathy taught math at Stanton College Prep. Her calm disposition for teaching precalculus can reduce anxiety for the most stressed students. 
Lisa Williams
Reading Tutor
Lisa's calm intellectual approach inspires students to do their best. Lisa tutors in reading intervention strategies that are evidence-based, intensive and repetitive.
Lisa loves the outdoors and frequently kayaks or bird watches all over the country.