Educational and College Counseling

Watch this video to learn about the services EDS offers for College Counseling

College Counseling


Step 1:  EDS can help you find the right college. It starts with your aptitude, not your attitude.  Take an Aptitude Assessment.  

Step 2:  Then, EDS will match your aptitude with a career and major. Do not waste years and money on a major that does not suit you.

Step 3:  With GPA, SAT or ACT scores and your aptitude,  EDS will create a list of colleges of interest. 

Step 4:  Worried about financially paying for college?  Get help with FAFSA and Bright Futures applications. Bright Futures alone can provide up to $30,000 over its 4 year term.


Step 5: Do you want to attend a Florida university such as FSU, UF, UCF, UNF?  With academic requirements increasing every year, EDS can help you receive college credit through CLEP while in high school.

Step 6: Worried about those college applications? Get help with the application process, including writing and editing your essays*, formatting your resume, and proofing your application before submitting. 


Step 7: Deciding where to attend. EDS will assist the decision on where to attend.  What is the best fit for you- academically, socially, and financially?

Step 8: Determine what accommodations are needed for college and whether and how the school provides such.

Which road will you take for success?


Let EDS coach you for success in all levels of education: school choice,  learning disabilities, 504 plan or IEP, and college decision making.  See                                for additional information.



EDS is a member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA). We are skilled professionals who can provide counseling to help students and families choose a school, college, or other program that is a good, personal match--one that will foster the student's growth, both academically and socially. 


Watch the video to learn how independent educational consultants help families and students!