Tips & How To's

       Help my child with their education...
  • Be their best cheerleader & encourage your child
  • Be Positive about their learning and       their teachers. If you discount                its value, they will too.
  • Educate yourself about what they are learning
  • Meet and get to know their teachers and administrators
Organization Skills or "You Reap What You Sow"
  • Create a clutter free environment in             your home 
  • Create a supply area in a closet or cabinet 
  • Create a study area
  • Create a system of home organization
    • Homework before TV or games
    • Everything in backpack before bed
    • Backpack by the back door before bed
Reading for K-2
  • Make it fun - what did you do                 as a child? Don't say "I never liked to read." You're their hero. Think about the message you send.
  • Read with your child.
    •  Provide the word if they stumble.
    • Alternate paragraphs or pages. 
  • Let them see you reading!  
  • Read road signs for stores, restaurants and anything you see.
  • Read labels in grocery store     (ask them to find a certain item)
  • Let them order from a menu.
  • Play cards - matching, add subtract, multiply, divide
  • Tell time - start with hour, then half hour, etc.
    • Don't use a digital clock! 
One Pair
  • Be creative - what did you do as a child to learn math skills? 
    • I counted my dad's change.
      Then he let me keep some!
  • Pay correct change for treats
  • Make change 
  • Count animals at the zoo, pet store, etc.
Alarm Clock