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​​​​​​​Have a c​hild struggling with reading?

Have a child entering college in a few years?​

Have a child that needs study skills?

Have a child struggling with math?

Want to keep their skills up over the summer?


Need to prep for the SAT or ACT (or SSAT and ISEE)?

Have you tried it at home and it has not worked?

Join a class or small group for preparation.

Services also available for one on one prep.


​What We Offer Your Family

One-on-one Customized Instruction


EDS provides private customized tutoring for all grades: kindergarten through college. All sessions are one-to-one (one teacher to one student) unless otherwise requested.

Each student is placed with the appropriate tutor to meet the needs of the student. For example, if a second grade student is having difficulty reading, he is placed with a tutor who specializes in reading for second grade. On the other hand, an eighth grade student may need help in algebra. In that case, the student is placed with a tutor who specializes in algebra. At EDS, parents and students are interviewed and then assigned to a tutor that will meet the need of that particular student.


Reading - math - study skills - test prep


EDS is a private tutoring business that customizes tutoring to the student's needs. EDS specializes in reading intervention strategies that are research-based, explicit, intensive and repetitive. From word attack to comprehension, EDS can give your child the tools to be successful.



EDS also specializes in math instruction.  At early ages, we intervene to help the child understand number sense, visualize place value, and think critically to solve.  These skills are continually reinforced for middle school and high school students. 


EDS assists students with organization and test prep and other study skills.


For over 20 years, EDS has prepared student for the college entrance exams. Visit the SAT/ACT prep page.​


Locally Owned

EDS is a locally owned, family-operated business since 1985. Erin Bramlett opened EDS to help students on a one-to-one basis. In 2001, she turned over the business to her daughter, Nancy Barnard. In 2006, Erin passed away. Nancy has carried on her legacy to Jacksonville providing success for one child at a time.